WebSphere Application Server

IBM® WebSphere® Application Server serves applications from the front office to the back office – whether mobile, Web, cloud or mission-critical enterprise applications-to support seamless Systems of Interaction. Included in the production editions is the entitlement to use the WebSphere Liberty Profile-a simplified, lightweight, dynamic runtime suitable for development and production which allows configuration and application updates without restarting the server runtime.

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WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment

WAS ND provides an advanced, flexible runtime environment for large-scale application deployments. It offers improved integration for the software lifecycle, including application deployment and testing.

WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core

WAS Liberty Core is a lightweight edition of WAS that delivers the core components of the popular WAS Liberty Profile. It offers an entry price point for projects where rapid development and deployment of lightweight web applications is paramount.

WebSphere Application Server Express

WAS Express provides a lower-cost, ready-to-use platform for building and managing websites and applications. This software is designed for a single server and offers flexibility in deployment.

WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor Edition

WAS Hypervisor Edition helps build, run, integrate and manage service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications and services in virtualized environments. It offers the features of the IBM WebSphere Application Server family-including simplified development, high availability and intelligent management-and optimizes them for server virtualization settings.

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