Surface Headphones

Catch up and get ahead with Surface Headphones.

Easier and more natural to use. Your voice and your fingertips are your controls so you never have to reach for your device or fumble for a cord. Intuitively twist a dial or tap on ear sensors to skip a song, answer a call, or turn up the volume. And your headphones pause automatically when you take them off.

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Immerse yourself in silence for focused work. Adjustable Active Noise Cancellation technology means you choose how much you tune out. Turn up the silence in shared workspaces or planes. Turn it down to adjust when you want to be more aware of what’s going on around you, like in the office collaborating or on city streets.

Don’t miss a beat with intelligent shortcuts. All you have to do is ask. “Hey, Cortana. What’s on my calendar today?” Cortana, your intelligent assistant, can schedule a meeting for you, start calls, answer questions, and more.¹ She’ll check your schedule, send an email, or remind you about a task.

Comfort and style you’ll want to wear all day. From San Francisco to Shanghai, listen in comfort and style. Settle in for your commute, your work day, or your flight with comfortably soft, breathable ear cups and lightweight, balanced fit.

Amazing audio for the best conferencing experience. Surround yourself with spectacular sound thanks to a free-edge speaker design and an optimized sonic cavity engineered for richer, clearer acoustics.

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