Samsung technology offers many new ways to address the unique needs of K-12 schools. We solve challenges in the district and in the classroom utilizing mobile devices as well as turnkey, comprehensive solutions that fit the rigorous demands of educational institutions. Our technology enables teachers to better connect with their students and make lessons more engaging through dynamic learning experiences. Administrators are empowered to better track resources, students, staff, attendance and test scores. Communication in common areas as well as classrooms is improved. School safety is enhanced by providing visibility, agility and cost control. Samsung School enables teachers to integrate rich content, supporting and expanding the learning experience while increasing one-to-one and group communication that encourages deeper student engagement. Samsung’s Chromebooks are the ideal device to incorporate Google Play for Education into the classroom. From interactive, large format touchscreen displays to tablets and other devices to robust KNOX Security to efficient and intuitive zero client technologies, Samsung Education Solutions support school systems seeking to provide learning opportunities for the twenty-first century.

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