Hospitality TV (HTV)

Entertainment that hits home.

Samsung’s Led TVS are the future of hospitality entertainment.

Samsung’s wide range of 2013 Hospitality TVs provide guests an in-room experience that makes them feel right at home. With superior picture quality, stunning design and access to the content they love, guests can enjoy the hotel amenities they expect while traveling with the familiarity of their own living room. All TVs are equipped with Samsung LYNK™ DRM technology and are REACH 2.0 compatible, making them easy to install, customize, manage and control for property managers. Samsung has also brought to market a suite of Smart TVs that allows guests to access widgets and applications directly on the TV while also enabling a featurerich and interactive content management experience using the Samsung LYNK™ SINC Content Management System. And with the ability to seamlessly connect external devices using Samsung’s AllShare Cast technology for a more personalized entertainment experience, Samsung Hospitality TVs create an at-home atmosphere that will keep guests coming back for more.

Leverage Samsung features to make your guests feel right at home.

Give guests access to premium HDTV content through cable, satellite and video ondemand services thanks to Samsung’s own Samsung LYNK™ DRM technology.

  • Guests can connect external devices such as laptops, phones, tablets and video game consoles using side audio/video jacks or AllShare Cast technology to enjoy a personalized entertainment experience
  • Guests can connect to widgets and applications on Samsung’s Smart TV platform to get access to streaming video content, social media, news, weather and much more
  • Make guests feel right at home with the sleek design, superior picture quality and user-friendly familiarity of Samsung Hospitality TVs
Leverage Samsung features to make your guests feel right at home

Easily install, customize, manage and control content with Samsung LYNK™ Solutions.

  • All Samsung Hospitality TV models are equipped with Samsung LYNK™ DRM software to give guests access to premium HDTV content. Certain TV models also include Pro:Idiom for hotels that still require it to support Legacy TVs and headend installations
  • Samsung LYNK™ REACH 2.0 is integrated into all Samsung Hospitality TV models, allowing them to easily broadcast content, hotel logos and an interactive program guide. Hotels have the ability to manage the TV’s software settings, firmware and clone versions from a central location, improving hotel operating efficiency
  • Samsung LYNK™ SINC is a software solution designed to unlock key features of the Samsung Hospitality Smart TV platform and provide the hotel with a highly configurable content management system while also providing guests access to widgets and applications
  • Samsung LYNK™ H-Browser is an embedded software platform designed to leverage the functionality of Samsung Hospitality Smart TVs, connecting them to the hotel’s video on-demand solution without using an external set top box
  • Compatible with virtually any content provider and existing hotel infrastructure to deliver guests the in-room entertainment they love
Easily install, customize, manage and control content with Samsung LYNK™ Solutions

Designed to improve hotel operating efficiency.

  • Easily manage Samsung LYNK™ DRM-empowered TVs to improve hotel operating efficiency, offering a cost-effective alternative to Pro:Idiom
  • No set top box is required to operate the Samsung LYNK™ REACH, SINC and H-Browser solutions, eliminating unnecessary costs and complexity
  • Samsung Hospitality TVs combine the lower energy consumption property managers expect from a leading brand with the superior picture quality guests are accustomed to at home
  • Lower total cost of ownership with TVs that consume up to 30% less energy, reducing your hotel’s carbon footprint
Designed to improve hotel operating efficiency