Realize Your Business Potential in the API Economy

Unlocking the Value of Your Business Assets

Businesses can create a range of compelling digital products and services using APIs, opening up new business models and tapping new markets to achieve growth in ways that would previously not have been possible.

Business leaders know that technology has the potential to drive efficiencies within their companies, accelerate their pace of innovation through simplified app development, and deliver engaging customer experiences that boost brand loyalty. APIs can enable the realization of that business value. For example, a North American airline that leveraged APIs to enable more timely and proactive flight notifications for its passengers saw passenger traffic rise 7.8 percent. The API economy has already changed not only individual businesses but also entire verticals such as retail, banking and healthcare, as disruptive and innovative startups have capitalized on the potential of APIs to generate new business models and create pathways to new customer bases.

By strategically embracing APIs, your business can discover and unlock the untapped value of your business services. And through API partnerships with third party developers, you can quickly access current and developing trends in technologies such as mobility, social platforms, analytics, the Internet of Things, and cognitive computing. You can innovate and iterate more rapidly through the strategic deployment of APIs, separating your business from the inflexible structure of outmoded approaches to IT management and development.

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